“We love Preschool Solutions! As the name says it was our solution! My son has learned so much this year so far. He went from a quiet boy who just followed what everyone was doing to a talkative, school loving kid who does everything he is supposed to. He is learning his letters and how to write them in the 3s classroom right now! They go into an OT room almost everyday and in my opinion every child needs some time in an OT room everyday to help them release some energy and work their skills. They also do yoga! They use Handwriting Without Tears for learning to write and as a teacher I love that program! It works! He loves it and we love it! I know when I drop him there that everyone cares for him and he enjoys learning with his teacher and whatever staff might enter his room that day! Thank you Preschool Solutions for being our solution on where to start our son’s schooling. We couldn’t have chosen a better place!”

“This experience has been a blessing to our daughter and we only wish that she could have had 2 years at this wonderful school.”

“My daughter comes to this school with a solid foundation in language. However, she would become frustrated and did not have a joy of learning. Within a few months of working with the staff at school, she now has a the light in her eye from the joy of reading and has the ability to work through something that is challenging.”

“So happy with my decision to send my daughter to Preschool Solutions. We live in Highland Mills, but it is worth the drive to Sugarloaf! My daughter loves all her teachers, as do my husband and I! Madison is exposed to so many wonderful opportunities at Preschool Solutions…. small group instruction, sensory play, OT based activities, and yoga! Where was this school when I was a kid?!? We are thankful Madison has one more year there before kindergarten to work with the amazing staff!”

“I would like to thank you and the staff for providing my child with a preschool that has the desire and resources to meet her needs. This special school is sincere to the mission of encouraging children to acquire a love of learning in a structured loving environment. Andi has taken the time to understand my child’s strengths and areas where she can improve.”

“Love this place! The staff is caring, responsive and great with my kids!”

“PreSchool Solutions is fantastic for my child. The staff is warm, caring and creative. They make learning fun…what a wonderful gift!”

“The staff of PreSchool Solutions just gets it! They use different techniques to teach that are fun and exciting for all of us. My child is developing all sorts of new skills and he loves it here!”