Our Preschool Program, Orange County NY: Preschool Solutions

Welcome to Preschool Solutions. We are the teachers who are ready to guide your child through a fantastic learning experience. We have created a unique program that promotes positive growth and confidence!
Preschool Solutions provides engaging activities that enrich and excite. Our goal is to present a program that will foster a love for learning. Our day includes:

• Whole group circle time experiences
• Small group learning
• Skill stations
• Thematic activities
• Social interactions
• Movement adventures

Through our connections with your child, we are dedicated to providing them with the necessary tools for success!

We’re committed to the future of your child. With monthly newsletters, in-class involvement, open communication, and our family forums, we promise to get you involved. We know, together, we can bring excitement and happiness into your child’s learning journey.

About Laura Stubecki, Owner

Raised in Orange County, Laura received an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Rockland Community College, and then a Bachelor’s Degree from Dominican College. She has been practicing OT with the pediatric population since 1995.

Specializing in sensory integration, Laura has worked in schools, private clinics, and home care with children with varying needs. She is SIPT certified and has had training in Therapeutic Listening, Reflex Integration, Handwriting without Tears, Yoga for Children, and The Alert Program.

She has had extensive continuing education in the area of sensory integration. Laura loves gardening, yoga, exercise, and spending time with her daughter. Laura has been the owner of Preschool Solutions since 2011.