Preschool Solutions Our Philosophy:

We are a unique preschool program with a highly skilled and educated team who understands early childhood development. We believe preschool is a pivotal transition from home to school. We want to begin this road with you and your child to develop a love of learning.

We believe in:
• A nurturing classroom where children learn at their pace and in their style within a supportive environment.
• A creative multi-sensory curriculum that meets the individualized needs of all children. We build the foundation for learning through an eclectic teaching style.
• A positive approach to instruction where the children feel safe to learn and take risks, building independence and confidence.
• The strength of family support. We value collaboration and know that love fosters a child’s innate ability to reach their potential.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to utilize a multi-sensory curriculum integrating academic standards, socialization, yoga, music and movement, sign language, Brain Gym®, state-of–the–art technology, and Handwriting Without Tears ® to help your child have a fun, rich, and rewarding preschool experience.

Strategies & Techniques:
Here are some strategies and techniques we incorporate to get your children READY and HAPPY to learn. We want our students to be in a safe environment where they are comfortable to begin their learning experience.

Do you know how many people breathe incorrectly? Starting from the basics of proper breathing to the challenge of balancing postures (and everything in between), yoga enhances oxygen intake, develops body awareness, builds flexibility and strength, improves attention and concentration, and it is fun!

Math Manipulatives and Technology Awareness:
Using hands on materials, the children will explore concepts of shapes, numbers, and technology programs.

Natural lighting whenever possible:
A two year study of Canadian elementary schools found that classrooms exposed to natural light showed better attendance, better dental records, better moods, taller children increased concentration and improved test scores (several sources quoted this Canadian study). Natural light helps keep children calmer. There is a slight buzz from fluorescent lights, which can impact children’s moods and timing.

Sensory Support:
Individualized sensory strategies to help a child stay organized and participatory in all aspects of the day.

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT):
Teaches children how to form letters in a developmentally correct sequence. Capital letters are taught first using 4 simple wood pieces: a big line, a little line, a big curve and a little curve. Letters are “built” on an 8×11 mat with a smiley face in the left hand corner to teach left to right, top to bottom formation. Children then work on a slate, again with a visual cue where to start their letters. Children progress to practicing their letters with crayons/markers/pencils on paper. The benefits of HWT is that it teaches in 3-dimension first, emphasizes proper formation, uses consistent language for formation, and makes writing fun! Read more about Handwriting Without Tears, click here.