3 Year Olds Preschool Program

Our program for 3 year olds is multi-sensory and hands-on. With a continued focus on purposeful movement, we offer a play-based early learning model that creates a love of learning.

In our 3s program preschoolers are introduced to science, early math concepts, and pre-writing skills. They enjoy art, sensory experiences, dramatic play, music, stories, and other gross and fine motor skills.

They will learn about nutritious foods and the benefits of staying healthy through exercise and making healthy food choices. Children attend yoga class where classroom themes are intertwined with yoga poses, breathwork and deep relaxation.

We foster positive interactions by encouraging our preschoolers to take turns, share, and show empathy. We help our 3s talk about feelings, learn how to resolve conflicts, and make friends.

In our 3s program, we believe one of our most important roles is to build self-confidence through independence. Children are encouraged to grow by helping themselves. By learning self-help skills, such as going to the bathroom or putting on shoes, and making good classroom choices, our preschoolers learn about responsibility, independence and are completely prepared to step up into our PK-4 class.